All N Tattoo Pricing and Internet Discounts

All N Tattoo Session Pricing

Pay for your session online to receive %15 off any tattoo session between 1 and 12 hours. Call us at All N Tattoo (702)-723-8558 to check for openings in schedules and to book your appointment. Bring in your receipt and ID at the time of your appointment. Our online only prices are listed below.

1 Hour Session


Purchase online and schedule ahead to lock in your next hour of tattoo with one of our tattoo artists.

Internet Pricing

2 Hour Session


2 hour session at %15 off! How? purchase online and schedule ahead.

2 Hour Session

3 Hour Session


Save $45 on your next 3 hour tattoo session. Order online and schedule ahead.

3 Hour Session

4 hour session


Thats 4 hours of a tattoo session for $60.00 less than the regular price. It pays to order online and schedule ahead of time.

4 Hour Session

5 hour session


Compare that to the regular price of $500.00 for a 5 Hour session. Order online and schedule ahead of time.

5 Hour Session

6 Hour Session


Purchase your artist’s block of time ahead and lock in the savings. Order your 6 hour tattoo session online and save $80.00 on your body art.

6 Hour Session

7 Hour Session


Seven hours of tattoo time for less than $700?!! Yup. You read that right. order online to lock in on the price and schedule your next tattoo with us.

7 Hour Session

8 Hour Session


8 hours of a tattoo session for $680.00! for larger tattoos and more skin covered or highly detailed medium sized tattoos. Order online for the savings.

8 Hour Session

9 Hour Session


Is your desired tattoo an intense detailed design? a large design? order your 9 hours of a tattoo session online and save %15.

9 Hour Session

10 Hour Session


Normally the minimal base price for a 10 hour session is $1000.00. If you can handle it, we’ll tattoo you for as long as you’d like, as long as the tattoo design calls for, and as large of an area requested.

10 Hour Session

11 Hour Session


Take $165.00 off of the regular base price for an 11 hour session. Order and pay online to save that %15 on your next major tattoo.

11 Hour Session

12 Hour Session


We’ll tat til you tap but we’ve got to call it at 12 hours for our own good. Purchase a full work day with your tattoo artist ahead of time and save $180.00 doing so.

12 Hour Session

Unsure how much time will be needed for your tattoo design?

Call us now and one of our artists would be happy to assist you.

You can also
eMail us a description of the design you’re wanting

Call the shop at 702-723-8558 now to ask any Questions, voice any Comments or get further Details on the Pricing and Scheduling.

All N Tattoo Customer Appreciation Discounts

Active Duty Military Members

Here at All N Tattoo, we love our Military members and families for all that they sacrifice for our freedoms. As a show of our appreciation for their service we offer an additional ten percent 10% discount on all tattoo work ordered online on this page for active duty military members with current valid identification card. Bring your proof of current military service at the time of session to validate.

UNLV or other Qualifying College Students

All N Tattoo we encourage all people who are interested in and actively pursuing their education. As a show of this support we offer college students an additional five percent 5% discount on all tattoo work sessions scheduled online from this page. Bring your student Identification card, state ID and proof of current enrollment to validate your session purchase.

Clients purchasing their session online must purchase their session time 7 days in advance of the scheduled appointment to qualify for this special offer.

Regular pricing on tattoos is set as a shop minimum of $60.00 with hourly rates between $100.00 to $150.00 per hour of tattoo time in a session depending upon the individual artist working the tattoo.

If you tap out on the session before the allotted time, the client forfeits the remaining time and must purchase another session. No refunds on tattoo session purchase. All sales are final.